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Restaurant Spotlight - Hudson's Hickory House

What's better than delicious, smoky barbeque at a super-affordable price? Nothing (in my opinion) - and that's what you'll find at Hudson's Hickory House in Douglasville, just a 25 minute drive from downtown Atlanta.

Hudson's is the perfect mix of uber-traditional Southern 'cue mixed with just a little cutting-edge modernity.

The business has been family owned since 1971, with 3 generations of Hudsons serving up hickory-smoked barbeque with housemade sides & sauces. Patriarch Buford Hudson started working at barbeque restaurants before he even made it to high school - when he initially opened his own restaurant over 30 years ago, the Hudson's menu served classic fare from ribs to Brunswick stew. Now, Buford and his son Scot are partners in the business, working together daily at the restaurant with the goal of bringing affordable, delicious barbeque to hungry diners.

By contrast, the youngest Hudson (20 year old Elena) has introduced a social media fueled "secret menu" - customers submit unique menu ideas via Instagram, and if Elena deems them drool-worthy, they'll make it onto the list. This month's secret menu item is a pulled pork grilled cheese, served up on toasty bread and oozing with cheddar (pro tip - top it with a drizzle of their tangy sauce for an extra kick).

One of Hudson's menu highlights (not a secret at all) is their fan-favorite Hickory Fries, a generous plate of french fries topped with pulled pork and cheese and served with a killer house-made ranch. It might not be the healthiest menu item, but many regulars frequent Hudson's just for this decadent plate of goodness.

Now - let's talk prices. With Hudson's just a hop-skip away in Douglasville (and not smack-dab in the center of Atlanta), the prices feel more old school than modern-day expensive. With barbeque sandwiches & burgers coming in at just over $3, and plates starting at $8, your group can fill up at a wallet-friendly price.

Despite being affordable, the food doesn't cut any corners - Hudson's uses certified angus beef in their burgers (ground daily, to boot), prepares dressings and sides fresh in-house, and serves up most dishes completely made to order. The commitment to quality and friendly customer service is a huge differentiating factor at Hudson's. Elena even discouraged me from taking home a side of barbeque sauce because she insisted it tastes better hot and fresh at the restaurant.

Want to check out Hudson's Hickory House for yourself? Check out their menu here, and follow them on Facebook & Instagram for some delicious barbeque inspiration.

Thanks to Hudson's for hosting me!


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